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Sparkling, Cascading Waterfalls

June 2021

What better sight and sound than water rushing over a steep edge and crashing to the river below... there is something mythical and wonderful about a waterfall, and after all, Pembrokeshire is known as the Land of Magic and Enchantment. Many waterfalls carry legends of hiding entrances to fairy kingdoms and other worlds. And on a hot summer's day, to trail your feet or let your dog splash through the shallows is a special kind of treat.

Here in West Wales we have our fair share, due to its landscape of mountains, hills and valleys. So if waterfalls are your thing, there are plenty to visit.

5 Nearest Waterfalls

1. Ffynone Waterfall

Less than 20 minutes away, this beautiful waterfall is said to be the entrance to the Celtic other world, and it is referenced in the book. 'Powerful Places in Wales' by Elyn Aviva & Gary White. There is easy parking, and a lovely scenic walk to the waterfall where you can cool your feet or even have a swim if you're brave enough. If you want to extend your walk, you can go quite a bit further.

2. Cenarth Falls

Also less than 20 minutes away, Cenarth Falls is a natural beauty spot with a cascade of waterfalls that can easily be seen from the road. The amount of water rushing downstream varies depending on the time of year, and it's worth heading there in the autumn to watch the salmon and migratory seatrout leaping upstream to spawn. There is a car park, and you can stay all day for £2.50.

3. Tresaith Beach

Another 20 minute trip - Tresaith Beach is a beautiful sandy beach named after the River Saith, and there's an unusual twist. The river cascades over the cliff to the beach, creating a wonderful waterfall. The added bonus of rockpooling and enjoying the beach make this one worth the trip.

4. Gwaun Valley Waterfall

This has the honour of being the tallest waterfall in Pembrokeshire! The footpath has only been open a couple of years, allowing people to see the waterfall for the first time. There are more than 100 steps marking along the 250 path. It's a 26 minute drive to Tregynon, which is the nearest village.

5. Devils Bridge Falls (Mynach Falls)

This one is a bit further away, but worth the trip. There are three bridges built on top of each other, and as you go down into the gorge you will come to a viewing platform which gives the best view. It's about a 45 minute walk in all, and can be a bit steep and slippery so take care! As an added bonus, you can catch the Vale of Rheidol Railway train from Aberystwyth and make a good day of it.

If this isn't enough to slake your thirst, or you are prepared to travel further, here are some links which may help:


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