Play FootGolf at Trenewydd Farm!

FootGolf is an fun up-and-coming sport, combining two of the most popular sports in the world: football and golf. It's a fun, active game for all ages and abilities, and we always hear lots of laughter drifting down from the course. Our nine-hole, purpose built course is 772 metres and is not run alongside a traditional golf course, so you can wear football boots and kick your ball off the fairways.  

The rules are simple, and similar to golf. The aim is to kick a football from the tee into a cup in as few shots as possible, trying to stay on the fairways and avoid the rough. Our course layout is below, and we have official regulation age-specific sized footballs. The cups are also regulation size, at 21 inches.

The course is freely available to guests. However, if you are not staying at Trenewydd Farm and would like to play a round, book up and come along! It's £5 per person to go round twice, and we hold a payment card as a deposit against the balls. Contact us on or 07710 129001 to book your spot.

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FootGolf Association of Wales

We were delighted and excited to host the Ceredigion Open as part of the FGAW's inaugural Welsh Tournament 2021.

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