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Carpets of Bluebells

April 2021

You can't beat a carpet of bluebells for one of nature's best displays of beauty. Gorgeous, delicate, soft, and when they stretch out in front of you, other-worldly.

If you love bluebells like we do, you'll want to know some great places to see them at their best. And there are plenty of gorgeous woods, castle grounds, and valleys in West Wales where you'll find these magical displays.

Six Best Places Nearby to See Bluebells

1. Skomer Island

Getting to Skomer Island involves a 20 minute boat from the mainland, and it's well worth the trip. Once docked, bound up the steps to see swathes of glorious bluebells, stretching as far as the eye can see. There are other wonders of nature here too of course, look out for the puffins!

2. Pengelli Forest

This forest is part of one of the largest ancient Oak woodlands in West Wales and is a wonderful place for a peaceful walk. There are four circular walks of varying lengths, so you can choose the most suitable for you.

3. Abermawr

This is a circular one-mile stroll, through gorgeous bluebell woods and meadows. Perfect if you want to combine bluebell woods with beach and sea views.

4. Castle Woods, Llandeilo

You can combine your bluebell trip with a visit to the wonderful Dinefwr Castle. Alongside bluebells, you'll find Dog's Mercury, Primrose and Wood Anemone carpeting the woodland floor.

5. Stackpole

The Stackpole wildlife walk will take you around four hours to complete, and is six miles long. Not for the faint-hearted!

6. Llanerchaeron

This wonderful Georgian villa, designed by John Nash, has remained mostly unchanged for over 200 years. The estate is surrounded with bluebells.

If you'd like to look at other places to visit for spring flowers, you'll find plenty more information on the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales website.


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